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Home Staging - What is it ?

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What is Home Staging

When furnishing and decorating your home, your aim is to create the space to reflect your family’s personality. You choose colours, styles, furniture, pictures and accessories that show this. When staging a home, you have to do the opposite. You actually need to take out your personality so any potential buyers/renters can imagine themselves in the space. We are turning a home back into a house. Home Staging is suitable for all types of property, houses, apartments or offices, large or small, second hand or new, modern or classic, for sale or for rent. There is a set of home staging techniques to follow to improve your chances of selling or renting. Staging won’t make a home sell for more than it’s worth, but it can set your home apart from the rest and increase the selling price to the upper level of price range for comparable homes. It can also reduce the time it’s available on the market. These techniques are applicable whether your home is in Costa Calida, Murcia, United Kingdom or further afield.

Broadly speaking the 3 phases are -:

  • De-cluttering (removing mess and clutter)
  • Storage
  • De-personalising by packing away personal items including very personal photos and art Improve (minor repairs)
Improve (Minor repairs)
  • Recommending minor improvements or repairs such as painting, light plastering, flooring, lighting, window treatment or landscaping.
  • Ensuring that appliances are in good working order
  • Advising on interior and exterior colour schemes
  • Advising on improved layouts and ensure that the rooms are shown as they are intended (e.g. a dining room is shown as one, not an office) Present (Staging)
  • Tidying and tweaking what you already have
  • Rearranging your own furniture to maximise space and create natural flows
  • Organising furniture purchases or furniture rentals (if possible), and accessories to minimize your investment (if purchased furniture supplied, it can always be sold as part of the property credentials)
  • Accessorising rooms and dressing windows
  • Featuring natural focal points (e.g. great views)
  • Getting property ready for photographs
Home Staging - Before


Home Staging - After