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Need help selling your Property in La Manga ?

Thinking of selling your property in La Manga Club Spain ?

Been trying to sell your property for months or years with no joy and don’t want to drop the price ?

Then read on...

If you have been trying to sell your property in La Manga Club Spain, you, like most holiday home owners would have found it very difficult, the recession has hit hard and it will take time before things improve and get back to the good old days.

At Jewell Furniture we believe there are things that can be done during these hard times to give our properties the best chance possible to sell. The concept of Home Staging or House Doctoring has been used for years with great success in many countries around the world. Home Staging is the process of preparing , improving and showcasing your home so that it appeals precisely to its target market, enabling the property to sell or even rent as quickly as possible and also achieve the highest sale or rental price possible.

The Spanish property market remains depressed but the concept of  home staging is now being used by Spanish home owners in the cities, who have recognised they have to present their properties in a different way to attract potential buyers to view and ultimately achieve a sale. Statistics show us that it takes 60 seconds for potential buyers to make up their mind after entering a property. Within that 60 seconds, sellers need to make their La Manga property leave an immediate impression enabling them to imagine that this is their dream holiday home. It is important that sellers realize that a buyer does not want to buy their home, meaning that its important that the seller de-personalises their home and make it as inviting as possible. This applies not only to personal items but also to that comfortable old chair in the corner of your lounge, the people viewing your house may see it as off puuting or even revolting.

Home staging services are now available through Jewell Furniture. We have 10 years experience of living in la Manga Club and we are familiar with all communities within the club, villa styles and the furniture that will suit the different styles of properties. We have the credentials to offer you practical and fair advice to transform your home into a show home. We do this through on site consultations to complete implementation and project management… and your investment in home staging will be less than a price decrease. So if you’re trying to sell your La Manga Club property, don’t rush into reducing  the price by £30k, try home staging instead, you might save yourself an enormous amount of money and increase the likelihood of selling your property.

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Property La Manga Club before Home staging


Property La Manga Club after Home staging