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Home Staging Services and Prices

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Home Staging Services and Prices

We offer two main services for home staging, designed to suit your individual needs, whether it’s your existing home, a holiday home or an unfurnished property, yet to be fitted out, here in Costa Calida, Murcia Staging consultation. This service is designed for owners who are either living here in Murcia region in Spain and wish to do the work themselves, or wish their management company or known trades people to carry out any of the recommendations.

We will walk through the house room by room, either independently, with the agent or with the home owner and consider everything that should / needs to be done to improve the presentation of the property, as well as extras that could enhance it further. We will do this through the mind / eyes of a potential buyer and then offer practical recommendations and an action plan to achieve this. A complete written report will be provided and will point out items in your property that need to be updated and changed and highlight problems and recommended solutions

The advice will include -:

  • Hints and tips to better use existing furniture, pictures and accessories
  • Ideas to better use space available
  • Ideas to enhance the look and feel of each room
  • Painting and colour tips
  • Solutions for repair and maintenance (if required)
  • Solutions to improve the look and feel of each room including list of any items that need to be purchased
  • An estimate of the cost of the proposed work
  • Proposed plan of actions

If there are any current and existing photographs of the rooms, then it is very beneficial for us to have sight of these in advance of the consultation. A typical consultation will take approximately 2 hours. The charge for this service is €295 plus VAT.

Staging consultation and implementation This service is designed for owners who would like us to take care of the home staging process from beginning to end. Most probably you will not be living in Murcia region in Spain, and if you are here on holiday you do not wish to use your time organizing jobs. The Staging consultation will include the report and then using this information we will arrange firm budgets from reliable, recommended trades people. All the work will then be project managed against an agreed realistic timetable that will be set between the home owner and ourselves. The home staging steps will be followed, together with the implementation of them.


  • De-cluttering (removing clutter)
  • Storage
  • De-personalizing by packing away personal items Improve (minor repairs)
Improve (Minor repairs)
  • Recommending minor improvements or repairs such as painting, light plastering, flooring, lighting, window treatment, kitchen / bathroom updates or minor landscaping.
  • Ensuring that appliances are in good working order
  • Advising on interior and exterior colour schemes
  • Advising on improved layouts and ensure that the rooms are shown as they are intended (e.g. a dining room is shown as one not an office)
Presentation (Staging)
  • Tidying and tweaking what you already have
  • Rearranging your own furniture to maximise space and create natural flows
  • Organising furniture purchases or furniture rentals (if possible), and accessories to minimize your investment (if purchased furniture supplied, it can always be sold as part of the property credentials.
  • Accessorising rooms and dressing windows
  • Featuring natural focal points (e.g. great views)
  • Getting property ready for photographs

The charge for this service is spit into 3 elements

  1. €295 for consultation and written report
  2. Costs of trades people to carry out agreed minor repairs and improvements
  3. Project Management and Staging charged at €30 per hour per person. This may also be agreed as a % of the overall project costs.

All costs exclude applicable VAT. Costs associated with any house cleaning would be charged separately.

The statistics speak for themselves – and the investment made in Home Staging is always less than a price reduction; so you could be saving yourself €´000´s

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Home Staging Services and Prices