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Furniture La Manga Club

Recent Examples -

  • Bespoke 3 metre dining table and 12 chairs - Private Villa
  • Dining table and chairs, garden table and chairs - villa El Rancho
  • Bed side cabinets, bed head, chest of drawers for 2 double bedrooms - apartment Los Olivos
  • New 3 seater sofa - apartment Bellaluz

Complete Solution Example -

Our client recently purchased a 3 bedroom apartment in Los Olivos. Our brief was to remove all existing furniture from the property, repaint bedroom walls and make good, remove the wall lights throughout the apartment and replace with new. Remove curtains, curtain poles and replace with new. Supply 7 new paintings to compliment the apartment decor.

  • Kitchen - Supply complete selection of coffee and tea cups, plates, glasses, utensils, tupperware, saucepans and cooking utensils.
  • 3 Bedrooms - Supply new beds, mattresses, headboards, bedside cabinets, paintings for walls.
  • Lounge - matching chest of drawers, table and chairs, coffee table, console table. 3 seater Sofa, 2 seater sofa, sofa pouff.
  • 3 Patio areas - 4 sun loungers, 2 seater garden sofa, table, and two garden arm chairs, parasol. Small table with matching chairs for bedroom patio
  • 2 bathrooms - new towels and matching bathroom mats.

As the above examples demonstrate Jewell Furniture caters for all your furniture supply needs both small and large. Feel free to call or email us for further details or a free quotation.

Furniture La Manga Club


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Furniture La Manga Club


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Furniture La Manga Club Spain


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