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Commercial Projects

Whether you have a bar, shop or office we customise fit outs for all aspects of your commercial project from furniture selection and space planning, cabinetry, electrical goods, retail displays, to lighting design, storefront design, signage, corporate identity and graphic design. This bar needed a complete refurbishment and fast. Within 5 weeks from our first meeting with the owner, we had created a brand and new identity, designed, planned, decorated and installed bar, lounge and terrace furniture to ensure that the new bar opened on time. We started with concept boards and developed them as requirements became clearer. The most important aspects were to create a fresher, lighter airy feeling that appealed to everyone during the day for relaxed coffees and lunches and adapted later on in the evening to cater for adults for a few drinks, dancing, singing and general frivolity. Since the opening of the bar we have continued to assist with marketing and events.

Bar Project Murcia

The style that we proposed is very versatile and was customised to perfectly fit the space and give the maximum flexibility to rearrange the layout of furniture according to the time of the day, the mood and the event. The furniture is a combination of tables and chairs, high tables with stools, low bench seating, coffee tables, single low stools: and was constructed from weathered and aged scaffolding boards and as such has stood all external conditions and can be used both inside and outside. MIrrors were used behind the bar and one end to open it up further, combned with light, modern colours. Various quotes were researched to reflect the personailty of the bar e.g "You're only as strong as the tables you dance on, the drink you mix and the friends you roll with"

Commercial Bar Project

Concept Board 1

Concept Board 1

Concept Board 2

Concept Board 2

Concept Board 3

Concept Board 2

How We Use Concept Boards

A mood board or concept board is a tool often used by designers to help them collect different creative information in order to prepare for a new project and use it to test against any ideas their clients may have. Concept boards are basically collages of items such as photographs, sketches, clippings, fabric swatches and colour samples. Sketches and a floor plan are also usually included on the board.

The concept boards were used to help translate the clients ideas into a workable solution and assist the client with their vision by painting an imaginary picture of how the room, bar or shop could look. It is not to state exactly how it will look but also creates a way of ruling in or out ideas and to make sure that both parties agree along the way.

As the project developed, we enhanced the mood boards to be more specific until we and the client were completely confident that the finished solution would have captured the atmosphere and requirements of the project.